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Tungsten T3 - my first Palm

Published on: 04 July 2024 Category: news

A few weeks ago I received a Tungsten T3 handheld. It came with a completely dead battery. I thought about leaving it as it was, as it works fine on the charger.

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Unfortunately, the charger is not a classic cable, but a dock. The connection is not very strong, so it happens quite often that you press too hard on the screen, lose contact in the dock and the device switches off due to lack of power.

I decided to replace the original battery with a LiPol one. After removing the covers, I discovered that the battery is connected by just two wires, so there is no 'control' pin or temperature reading from the unit. This made the replacement easier. I ordered the 550mAh battery that fits the space. The original battery was about 900mAh, but I think half of that is enough for collection purposes.

I just unsoldered the connector from the old battery and soldered it to the new one. Put the covers back on and the palm was up and running. One thing that did not work was the charging port. However, this was solved by simply pressing on the back cover, as there is an internal connector that connects the back cover to the board to connect the charging port.

So it works fine now. The next problem is finding the SD card to install software and games. The device supports SD cards up to 1GB and does not support SDHC and SDXC cards, so it will be a challenge to find one that fits.