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Another present, Nokia 630

Published on: 02 July 2024 Category: mobile phones

Yesterday I received another piece for my collection. This time it was a Nokia 630 with Windows 8.1. It looks very good, with no scratches, even on the plastic back cover. So I was really happy after the first look. Unfortunately, I discovered a big problem after turning it on. The Microsoft Store is down and it seems hopeless to install the software any other way. I have read many articles and discussed with many people and found out that sideloading is theoretically possible by installing .appx files, but practically it is so hard and usually only one in twenty appx can be installed. So I need to do some more research. When I have enough time, I will try it. I might also try updating the built-in Windows 8.1 to Windows10, which should be a bit easier than sideloading apps, but we'll see.

I already have two Windows Mobile Nokia/Lumia phones, fortunately with some apps installed before the official store closed, but they are both on version 8.1, so there is at least a possibility that I will have one with 10, and hopefully I will be able to install some software/games on it.