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Received present - Sony Ericson W800i

Published on: 01 July 2024 Category: mobile phones

Finally, I have a mobile phone that I have been dreaming about for years. When the phone was released, I got a K310i, which was a low-end phone with about 16MB of memory. That was enough for a couple of Java games and a few midi ring tones. Not much more than that.

alt text

The phone I got was the W800i. This is the top of the range model. It has about 35MB of internal memory, but fortunately it has a Memory Pro Duo card slot.

So I started looking for this old map. I found a user on the forum who promised me one, including the USB reader for the card. He managed to get his colleague, who was on a business trip, to bring it to me. I got it, but unfortunately I found out that I got the M2 card, which is the same technology but twice smaller. There is some reduction, but for the collection I prefer to have the original card. Currently I have found another man who is offering me a Pro DUO card, so I am waiting for a photo to be sure that I would get the correct card format.

While waiting for the card to arrive, I played a few games I used to play on my old phone many years ago. At the moment I am trying Sola-Rola, a platform-based logic game where you control a slime and make your way through different planets. I have also downloaded a couple of versions of Gravidy Defied. The minimalist motocross game that was the absolute top when I was a kid.

As soon as I find a way to take screenshots, I would like to make some articles with some of my favourite games.