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Building NAS (part three)

Published on: 07 June 2024 Category: computers

I decided to upgrade the server's RAM from 4GB to something more useful. I ordered two second hand low profile 8GB modules with ECC, which is better suited to the ZFS file system. Swapping was really easy, except for the one stuck connector in the motherboard, which was a pain to unplug. However, the server booted on the first try and detected all 16GB of RAM, even though the server is only supposed to be able to detect 8GB.

The second thing I wanted to try was to mount the 2TB USB hard drive with movies and shows so that I could share them across devices and play them on every TV in the house without having to carry the drive around. However, I discovered that there is no way to share an NTFS drive with TrueNAS as it can only work with ZFS. So one of the solutions was to back up the media to the hard drive, reformat it, copy the data back and use it as a hard drive, but then I would lose the ability to take it anywhere and connect it to any device.

So my solution is maybe to use my Raspberry with recalbox to run the KODI and connect it to the TV, and maybe set up some smb sharing on the Raspberry to get it to the rest of the TVs.