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Round Flash-Kit

Published on: 30 May 2024 Category: photography

I bought a round flash for my Canon camera on Aliexpress. I would like to use it for macro photography and also to photograph objects that are sensitive to flash. In this kit, there are many adapters for different lens circumferences, and there are also different coloured diffusers so you can adjust the colour of the flash. The round flash has a controller that attaches to the camera's hot shoe and offers different settings for the sensitivity of the flash, the length and also the number of diodes on the ring to flash. You can also flash only on the right or only on the left side to create some effects on the photograph. My first attempts were not so successful, as for the long exposure times it burns the circle to photography on the sides. Focusing is also a bit weird, as the motor in the lens is much louder due to the weight of the flash attached to it. I am a bit afraid of this louder noise and I am afraid of damaging the mechanism. In the end, I am not too happy with it for now. I will have to do some research on how to use it correctly and safely. I hope I will find it useful, because now I do not.