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SEO and position in search

Published on: 28 May 2024 Category: development

I have done some analysis of SEO and Google ratings of my site I found out that my average position in Google search is about five, which I think is really good. The site has no income, so I have spent exactly $0 on advertising. The only thing I have done is to post some replies to forum topics and relevant internet discussions that suggested the games, but nothing special. Also I have checked the backlinks and I found out that there are about 50% pages that have posted the links to my page by themselves or by other users, so I am glad that I am not so much spammer. There are about 300 external links (if google does not count), which I see as really satisfying.

I also tried to look at some statistics from microsoft bing search and crawling engine, but there is not much to study. There are also some statistics, but they are a bit confusing and not reliable at all.

I also found out from google statistics that about 65% of visitors come from Czech Republic and 30% from Slovakia. The remaining 5% are from Poland, Germany and others.

I already have an EN translation on my site, and all the games are completely available in English, so it is a pity that there are no more foreigners. Maybe I will think about PL translation for possible expansion, but I do not know anyone who speaks Polish, and I do not believe that the translator would not make some terrible mistake, and in the end the AI translated text is usually really weird.

At the end i was positively suprised by the results i found, and i can make some decisions to move to better positions in search, and also I will try to make some translations to satisfy the most epresented countries, to earn some new visitors