About me

I am Full Stack developer. Mostly I am involved in web development and web games, but I also design electronic devices and program microprocessors. My biggest personal project is the web hryprodva.cz and Android applications that build on it.



I mostly make websites using PHP, HTML,CSS and Javascript (NodeJS) and for processor programming and hobby electronic projects I mostly use C++



- I worked as a programmer and CNC mill operator in the creation of light electronic advertisements


- I started designing and programming electronic training and tracking devices for pets


- I launched hryprodva.cz


- android games started to emerge, building on the hryprodva.cz gaming portal


I got into development 15 years ago when I created my first mobile phone related website. Gradually, I got better, and started to discover computer application programming. I first started creating simple utilities and games in C#, and after I started using Linux exclusively, I moved on to Java applications. Subsequently, for work, I learned to program in C and C++ on microprocessors. With the gradual emergence of the smart segment, I started going back to web technologies and created a backend for a pet tracking system using GPS and GSM. I am also actively involved in the development and operation of hryprodva.cz


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Feel free to contact me using my e-mail: