Hi, i am

Jan Škoda

Programmer - Web Developer - Embeded developer

My skills and hobbies

Web coding

I use HTML, CSS and Javascript for frontend web aplications. Mostly I like creating some unusual web apps and games. For backend i usualy use PHP and some of its frameworks

Embeded devices

It is my job and my hobby. I work as developer of embeded IoT devices, mostly i take a care about software, but i keep the hardware in my mind. As hobby i am creating a digital model railway powered by Espressif


I am huge afficinado of old 90's video games. So sometimes a play them in some emulator, but mostly i like to create some minigames based on them. My dream is to finish my project of the Lost Vikings game clone.

About me

In my free time i am programming games, coding web pages and expanding my model railway, which is one of my biggest hobbies. You can check my work, in "My projects" section.

If you have some questions or some advices to improve any of my projects, or you want to join me with programming my games,feel free to contact me.

My projects


Online multiplayer browser-based games. You can challenge your friend in different games.

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